At Faith growing in our relationship with God as a devoted follower is our utmost priority.  From message content to life group materials and curriculum, it is our goal to help you establish a personal relationship with Jesus, and grow to love and know Him more each day.

As a fully devoted follower, we encourage you to:

  • Worship God enthusiastically by attending worship services regularly, giving of your time, talent and treasure, integrating worship into your daily life, and having a consistent prayer life that impacts your spiritual growth.

  • Connect with the church family regularly by being an active member in a life group, committing yourself to maintaining biblically healthy relationships, and being a catalyst in helping others connect in relationships.

  • Grow in maturity with regular Bible reading and study, exposure to spiritual growth resources, and developing your spiritual gifts and leadership abilities.

  • Serve others by serving consistently in a church ministry and missions or community service project, and being receptive to the needs of others.

  • Share your faith by developing relationships with people in your sphere of influence, sharing your personal testimony, and inviting others to worship events.