If any of you wants to serve me, then follow me.  Then you'll be where I am,
ready to serve at a moment's notice.  The Father will honor and reward
anyone who serves me.  ~John 12:26 (The Message)

Serving is a high value at Faith and is a crucial part of the development of a Christlike heart and life.  Our many ministries at Faith provide a springboard for involvement at any level.  Whether you want to welcome guests, serve on a short-term missions trip, work with kids, or simply pray for someone, you can find a place to serve.  We are committed to help you find your place to serve  Our goal is that you will WANT to serve, rather than feeling that you HAVE to serve.

Here's what happens when you find your place to serve:
  • You have fun.  You enjoy what you are doing and the people you're doing it with.

  • You connect.  Many of our service opportunities are ministry teams, where you'll find community with others and develop meaningful friendships with those you serve alongside.

  • You make a difference.  Warm smiles, friendly people, and behind-the-scenes service go a long way in creating an environment that is welcoming.  Your part plays an important role in setting the stage for what happens during the service.

  • You share your spiritual gifts and talents.  God has gifted each of us uniquely with skills, experiences, and talents.  We want you to find yours and share them with others.  For those who would like to discover their spiritual gifts, click here.

  • It's good for you.  Statistics show that volunteering is good for the heart, has been proven to lower blood pressure, and gives a sense of pride, accomplishment, and community...with no doctor bill!

In addition you'll never get "stuck" in a position - we'll help you find the right fit.  There are several ways to do that:

  • Click on the "church serve" link below for information on service opportunities and an application form.

  • Visit our resource centers located in our north and east entrances for ministry information that will help you get a feel for what fits you best.

  • Visit our information centers to talk with someone in person.

  • Call our office at (509) 547-5773 or email us.